Sajjata Sangh felt that the contribution of Gujarat’s NGOs in agriculture development was not visible and not recognized though many of our NGOs, particularly, members of SAJJATA Sangh have been very intensively working in the field of agriculture and allied activities. Sangh therefore, thought of scientific study on Sangh’s member NGOs in agriculture field. The task of this study was assigned to very imminent international researcher, Prof. Tushaar Shah and his colleagues in INREM Foundation (India Natural Resources Economics and Management) and IWMI (International Water Management Institute). The main purpose of this study was to find out NGOs contribution in agriculture development in the background of Gujarat’s overall excellent performance in this field.

The team of researchers has come out with excellent study in which Gujarat NGOs (members of SAJJATA Sangh) contribution in agriculture development has been very well established. Infact, the study reveals significant contribution of NGOs in agriculture highlighting innovative approach of NGOs. It has also come out in the study that most of the work done by NGOs was with the support of the government. Thus, the study has established a successful approach of GO-NGO partnership in such crucial field of agriculture in Gujarat. The contribution of this partnership can make proud both the government and NGOs in Gujarat.