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Sajjata Sangh appointed as resource institution to develop and anchor a network of FPOs

Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium has appointed Sajjata Sangh as a resource institution to identify Farmers Producers Organizations (FPOs) doing agribusiness and develop and anchor a state level forum of these FPOs. This project involves formation of a State Level Committee of FPOs (SLCFPO) with the purpose of enhancing competitiveness of FPOs and facilitating agribusiness. Following are the objectives of the project..

  • To identify the needs of FPOs for input supply and various value added services and to find solutions for meeting these requirements.
  • To bring on one platform FPOs from all regions of Gujarat and related institutions, such as banks, NGOs, KVK experts etc. for developing a state specific agenda of action.
  • To leverage the collective bargaining power of FPO members of the network with input suppliers, financial institutions, market agents etc.
  • To create linkages with service providers, financial institutions, input suppliers, government agencies etc. to add value to the activities of FPOs in the network.
  • To identify policy and procedural issues impacting the functioning of FPOs and dialogue with local, state and national level authorities for the satisfactory resolution of these issues.
  • Sajjata Sangh will play a facilitator’s role to the State FPO forum with the following responsibilities…

  • To facilitate the listing of FPOs and other eligible institutions in the forum.
  • To anchor the secretariat of the state level forum by committing one office based person.
  • To understand all necessary measures for creating a data base of the state level forum, correspondence with members, conduct of quarterly meetings, issues of minutes etc.
  • To regularly update SFAC/donors and member FPOs on the progress of the forum.
  • To plan such activities in consultation with members that would be beneficial for the development of FPOs in the state.